Thursday, November 20, 2014

Do your research! Avoid moving company scam.



It is crucial that you do some research before you start your big move. Several moving companies out there are not reputable and are actually scam artists just looking to get your money. It is very easy to create a fake website and put up a fake logo. Some companies will even go as far as hiring people to make their “company” appear as one of the top rated moving companies out there, so do your research!

Take the few minutes to read this article and learn the tell-all signs of a moving company scam.

 Only offering online moving estimates?

Do not be fooled by the fact that everything is done online nowadays! When considering a moving company, make sure they are willing to come to your house and give you a moving cost estimate in person and in writing. If the company is only willing to give you an estimate online, bail! Estimates given by word of mouth are not reliable. The company can easily change that price and charge you triple if you don’t have any form of proof.

Demanding cash upfront? Next!

No top rated moving company is going to ask you for an upfront fee. There really isn’t a reason why; it’s just not how moving companies have ever run their businesses. They always ask you to pay once the move is complete. Also, if a company only allows in-cash payment, move on. It’s best to pay for a moving service through a credit card in order to avoid any kind of fraud.

Do they offer insurance?

Make sure the company you are choosing offers an insurance policy if they are going to be handling your belongings (packing, driving the truck, and unpacking). This way, the company is held responsible for any damage done during the move and must reimburse you for the damages. Drivers are also much more careful if an insurance policy is available.

How are their ratings?

Take some time to search customer reviews online. Here’s a tip, if the reviews sound similar, they were likely written by one person who was paid to make the company sound good. Don’t be fooled! Top rated moving companies will have a wide variety of reviews ranging from good to bad, long to short, detailed to…”they were great”. Pay attention to the ratings and make sure you look at more than the companies’ website for such ratings.

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